About Us

Pass It On Thrift Center opened its doors in October of 1999 after several months of organization and preparation by a group of parents and grandparents dedicated to providing tuition relief to families whose children attend the three campuses of Southwest Chicago Christian Schools.  The location chosen was a partially vacant shopping plaza located near the intersection of Illinois Route 83 and 127th Street in Crestwood.  Since then, the site has undergone several renovations and expansions.

To maximize the amount of tuition assistance, the entire operation has been and is run by volunteers.  Core groups of about 15 volunteers per day operate the store.  However, more than 200 other volunteers contribute hours throughout the year.  Parents who receive tuition assistance are strongly encouraged to volunteer at least ten hours per year.

A coordination team meets monthly to evaluate the day-to-day operations of the store and makes suggestions to a board of directors.  The board sets policy for the operation of the store, receives financial reports from the treasurer, and determines the level of tuition assistance for each school year.

To better serve our customers, a small truck was purchased so that pick up and delivery service could be offered.  Volunteers pick up or deliver furniture and other larger items at selected times within approximately a 15-mile radius of the store.  Since most volunteers are retirees, service is not provided above or below grade level unless an elevator is present.  No charge is made for pick-up service, but a delivery fee starting at $60 is assessed.

One interesting feature of the store is a window display which changes nearly monthly.  A group of talented volunteers organizes a themed display using donated items.  Regular customers eagerly anticipate the date when the display is changed with many items purchased the day after the display is set up.  All items remain on display for three or four weeks.

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