Truck Service

Free Pick-Up Service

Pick-up service by our small truck with a liftgate for furniture and items too large to fit in your vehicle is offered at no charge. Two or three volunteers staff the truck on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and the first three Saturdays of the month. Evening service is available on some Thursdays of the month except during the winter months.

To arrange a pick-up, please call (708) 824-0433 or stop in the store. A lead time of up to two weeks is usually needed. Pick-up service is available for items from the garage, first floor, or from buildings which have an elevator.  Pianos are accepted at the store, but they are not accepted by pick-up service. Pick-up service is free-of-charge but limited to a 20-mile radius of our store. We reserve the right to carefully inspect the items which you wish to have us pick up and may choose not to pick up some or all of the items.

Delivery Service

Delivery service can be arranged for items which you cannot fit in your vehicle or for which you cannot arrange your own delivery. Delivery can be made to the first floor, to the garage, or to a building with an elevator; delivery is not available for pianos. Since there is no refund of delivery fees, be sure that the items you request to have delivered will fit through your doorways and hallways.

There is a flat rate delivery charge of $60 for one or more normal items. For sofa sleepers, recliners, and larger heavier items, it is $75. As with pick up, deliveries are made within a 20-mile radius from our store. Delivery charges must be paid before item(s) are placed on our truck.